Smithsonian photo contest finalists

Why Evolution Is True

Smithsonian Magazine is having its 11th annual photo contest, and you can see the finalists here , as well as vote for the winners (every 24 hours until May 6) in the categories Natural, Travel, People, Americana, Mobile, and “Altered.” I gather that last category includes manipulated photos, so I assume that the others weren’t touched much.

To browse the photos in large format, go through the sequence at the top of the page.  I’ve put some of my favorites below, along with information about the picture, the equipment, and the photographer.

47602_2_233630.jpg__1072x0_q85_subject_location-633,458_upscale Photograph by Seyms Brugger (Johannesburg, South Africa). FINALIST: Natural World After having finished off a springbok, these two cheetah cubs were chasing each other, each wanting to hold on to the ‘prize,’ a piece of skin left over from a kill. Knowing the cubs would follow their mother, Brugger moved his car and was shocked that, “the cubs…

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